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We have available for our guests 4 small studio apartments (approx. 18 sq m) and 3 larger studio apartments with a terrace (approx. 32 sq m). Each apartment has a bathroom and a cooking niche. Cable TV and an Internet connection is available upon request. Furnishings include 2 twin beds or a "full size" bed, a table and 2 chairs. Ceiling ventilators provide a comfortable inside temperature. Because of our location and various building measures, we can provide an environment of comparatively high security. As a further security option, our guests may deposit their valuables, free of charge, in our central safe. Finally, we always have water, warm water and electricity due to our backup systems (North American and European newcomers may take this for granted; frequent travelers know better!).

Prices :

Short term Rentals
 (Bed sheets changed once per week; towels changed twice per week)

Small Apt.

  1 Person
    18 US$/day
    324 US$/month

  2 Persons
    20 US$/day
    360 US$/month

Large Apt.

  1 Person
    20 US$/day
    360 US$/month

  2 Persons
    22 US$/day
    396 US$/month

Long term Rentals

            Rent amount   min. duration   Deposit   Advance Notice
             US$/month      months          US$      to Termination
            ___________   _____________   _______   ________________
Small Apt.
              210            12             420       1 month
              240             3             240       1 month
              270             1              90       2 weeks
Large Apt.
              240            12             480       1 month
              270             3             270       1 month
              300             1             100       2 weeks

Includes all utility charges  (water, electricity + planta, trash)
Small Apartment Large Apartment
Kleines Apartment Grosses Apartment


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