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To international visitors of the Caribbean there are few places which can be reached so conveniently as the vacation town of Sosua. International flights from all over the world arrive at the International Airport of Puerto Plata, the largest airport on the north coast of the Dominican Republic ( for maps click here ). From there, a few more minutes by car or bus (for approx. 8km) takes you to the town of Sosua.

We are located on the main street of El Batey, the newer section of the town of Sosua, approx. 400m from the center of town. Located across the street is "Club Residencial", a large apartment complex. Within a radius of 300m can be found various supermarkets, boutiques, a German bakery and German butcher shop, restaurants, bars and discothecs, a weight lifting gym and much more. A 10 minute walk will take you to the beautiful main beach of Sosua ( various pictures of beach may be found here ).

The office building of our small residential and business site was completed early in 1995. The first tenant was an office sharing group in the construction and real estate business. A year later, the apartment house was added. A further 3/4 year later, at the end of 1996, the News Cafe' and our motorcycle rental business began operation. Our site was completed in the Spring of 2000 with the completion of the small apartment building. Consequently, we can currently provide 7 studio apartments as lodgings for our guests.

Inside yard, with view towards apartment entrances

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